Change Bridge

Connecting urban and rural youth through summer service and exchange programs


Mission: Cross Borders, Expand Community

Our mission is to expand the definition of community by connecting urban, suburban, and rural youth with people and places that are distinctly different from those they experience every day. These interactions will challenge their ideas, push them beyond their comfort zone, broaden their sense of community and self, and establish habits around civic involvement and communal responsibility. The enthusiasm, energy, talent and openness of America's youth are essential to the constant pursuit of an inclusive and prosperous United States of America. 


The Program

The pilot program will involve 50 high school students from across the country and will be concentrated in five primary regions. The six week summer program is intended for students entering their junior or senior year of high school, and will include educational and vocational training tailored to a student’s area of interest. Additionally, students will participate in service projects that address the needs of the communities in which they are temporarily living. Throughout the program, students will have regular communication with their regional director, who will serve as a guide, confidante and touchstone for participants. The program will conclude with capstone presentations from each participating student, which will help shape and refine future Change Bridge programs. 

Educational and vocational Training

Students are matched with educational and vocational opportunities geared toward developing knowledge and skills around their area of interest. Some experience may include hours in professional environments.

community SErvice Projects

Students play a role in shaping service projects that address the challenges facing their host communities. 

Capstone Presentations

In this culminating presentation, students answer a series of questions, which illustrate the knowledge and skills they gained, and their ideas for how to apply these lessons as active members of their home communities and beyond.


“Start working on this great work of art called your own existence.”

Abraham Joshua Heschel|  social change agent


The Change Bridge Pilot Class

Change Bridge students come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are from different religious backgrounds, political affiliations, and socioeconomic situations. We do not simply seek star students, but rather, we aim to include students who display a general openness, an ability to absorb new experiences, and a capacity for leadership. In addition to students who are eager to apply for the program, nominations from teachers and faculty will be paramount in selecting the first 50 students for the Change Bridge pilot program.  



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